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WunderGel For Minor Wounds & Fly Protection

(10 customer reviews)


Wundergel is a multi-purpose Aloe Vera and Neem gel packed with nourishing vitamins & minerals for minor wound care.

A primary ingredient of Wundergel is Aloe Vera, which includes 6 antiseptic agents and is a wonderful skin conditioner.

Neem is antibacterial, promotes new, healthy skin tissue, reduces scarring and promotes rapid hair re-growth. It gives long-lasting protection from biting insects, flies and midges, so  great for itchy horses / ponies who rub their manes and tails.

The gel quickly soothes & moisturises itchy, cracked skin

It is easy to apply to those sensitive, scabby areas such as heels and white socks.
This gel can be applied to humans & other animals – it should be in every grooming box & first aid kit.

Use this Gel along with either Neem Oil or the Alternative Fly Spray for Maximum protection against flies & Midges

Weight N/A

300gm, 1 Kg

10 reviews for WunderGel For Minor Wounds & Fly Protection

  1. Stacy Gamble

    My yearling has lots of bites on his face and neck. The Wunder Gel helped keep flies off the raw areas and really promoted healing. It’s my go to application for minor cuts and grazes. I really like it.

  2. Tracy Batt

    As always another great product from Pro Equine. I use this on my horse as a fly repellent on sensitive areas. Any wounds or cuts, the hair grows back quickly after using this. Now on my 2nd tub , highly recommend

  3. Danielle Herd

    Wunder gel has been a brilliant product for my pony. Fantastic for sweetitch/ flies. Reduces/ prevents the amount of damage to skin caused by scratching, midge/fly bites. On to my 4th or 5th tub. Its light none oily and decently priced.

  4. Karen

    Bought Wunder gel To help treat our sweet itch pony, after being recommended by a friend. Have been really impressed with the results. Nice & easy to apply & the neem helps with repelling the flies away from the sore areas. I’ll be making this a regular part of our care routine!

  5. Denise Dawson

    Bought wonder gel for my 2 mares especially my older lady she get small ticks all over her face when turned out in the summer, used the gel on her and other cuts works really well very pleased with this product about to order again

  6. Alison Clinton

    I bought this for my horse who likes to rub his face and can leave sores.
    I’m a big fan of neem oil and this appealed to me as it contained aloe vera which helps soothe irritation.
    Its does what it says it will do on the description!
    Easy to apply and instant relief.
    Highly recommend!

  7. Caroline Hunter

    This stuff is nothing short of amazing every year I have a problem with midges biting my ponies leaving them with red sore spots along the mane and top of the tail I’ve tried so many other products in the past and nothing has been as good as this . The sore spots have healed and the hair is already growing back it really is a wonder gel .

  8. Tracy Batt

    Wonder Gel is my go to product for any cuts or bites on my horse, highly recommend

  9. Megan Cowan

    A must have for our horsey first aid kit. The perfect thing to put on any cuts and bites. My little foal came in with a fresh scratches on her legs from catching herself on the fence and after only a few days applying the Wunder Gel, they were all healed and overtime the hair has now grown back and you would never know there had ever been a scratch there! As soon as I see any nick or cut I instantly put this on and have no worries!

  10. Amy Reeves

    Super Gel! Has worked wonders on my horses wound from a field incident and kept the flies off. Thanks !

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