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Torbeag Equestrian’s are extremely proud to be the only ArenaMate® agent in Scotland. Our direct partnership with Jelka Engineering Ltd. brings together their extensive experience in designing and manufacturing equestrian equipment with our commitment to delivering high-quality products to our customers.

ArenaMate® equipment has been designed to address the unique needs of livery yards, horse owners, and trainers. The machinery can handle different types of arena materials and has the ability to evenly distribute them throughout the arena. This helps to ensure that the footing remains consistent and the horses are able to perform at their best.

We are confident that this equipment will continue to offer our customers class-leading solutions. So, whether you’re a professional horse trainer, livery yard owner, or a passionate equestrian, these British made products are the perfect solution for maintaining your arenas and paddocks to the highest possible standard.

We have also added the ArenaMate® Grass Harrows; Jump Pole Trailer & QuadSafe Bike Security to our catalogue to bring you the full range of ArenaMate® products.

Finance can also be arranged.

Please visit the product information page for pricing, product suitability, and use cases or WhatsApp Greig on 07980 264 774

For general enquiries please use our Contact Form.

ArenaMate® Type 3

The ArenaMate ® Type 3 is very effective at mixing, grading and levelling all synthetic and sand based surfaces including waxed and dry. This ensures a sturdy foundation for your Arenas.

  • Flexible use for any riding surface
  • Precise Depth Control
  • Adjustable Side Blade
  • Choice of Colours available
  • Curved “S” Tines
  • Double Roller for superior stability

ArenaMate® Type 1

The ArenaMate ® Type 1 is a single component surfaces that is fluid moving, e.g sand or rubber crumb. Surfaces such as fibre, synthetic and waxed are more suited to the  ArenaMate ® Type 3.

  • Large Back Blade
  • Adjustable Side Gate
  • Adjustable Tine Bar
  • Fluid Moving
  • Suitable for Sand & Rubber Crumb Surfaces
  • Choice of Colours available

QuadSafe System

The ArenaMate ® QuadSafe® System is a convenient, easy to deploy security deterrent to let you protect easily targeted assets.

  • Bolted onto a concrete floor
  • Easy to install and use
  • Locking cross bar
  • Reverse in, drive out
  • Fits almost all quadbikes

Jump Pole Trailer

The ArenaMate ® Jump Pole® Trailer enables easy to stack and transport your arena poles around your arenas and beyond

  • Low level loading
  • Large bed size (Suitable for up to 12 poles)
  • Removable pole rack
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

Grass Harrows

The ArenaMate ® Grass Harrow can makes dramatic improvement to grass by opening the soil surface, clearing moss, increasing root aeration and encouraging healthy grass growth.

  • Drag out shallow rooted weeds and moss
  • Level molehills and muck
  • Open up the soil surface and clear debris
  • Choice of colours available
  • Choice of attachment (3 point linkage or ball-hitch)

ArenaMate® Leaders in Riding Surface Equipment, Surface Preparation

Made In Britain