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Midge Los Spray Designed For Humans To Use

(11 customer reviews)


Effective Natural Spray To Tackle Pesky Midges

Midge Los is a natural and effective spray for humans to tackle pesky midges!

Midge Los is completely natural, with no hidden chemicals, scary Deet or citronella.

It has a pleasant smell of refreshing peppermint and geranium & comes in a handy pocket-sized spray.

The key ingredient in the product is NEEM which has been clinically tested by the University of Edinburgh to repel these nuisances.

Each spray will give long-lasting protection from any bites.

The spray also has antiseptic properties and can be applied to minor wounds to keep them clean.

Containing geranium means that this spray is also good for bruising.

It is safe to use on horses and pets and is multi-functional whilst on the yard or out and about! ( See Also Pro-Neem )



11 reviews for Midge Los Spray Designed For Humans To Use

  1. Stuart Ritchie

    I was recommended Midge Los by a friend who has used Torbeag Equestrian before.
    I was after a natural midge repellant for use whilst fishing and after a quick friendly chat with the torbeag team I was sold.
    Will be investing in a few bottles to get me through next season.

  2. Ray Brunton

    Have always suffered with midge bites, tried everything, Midge Los really works and smells ok too

  3. Eddie Morrison

    The dreaded midge loves me and I suffer badly from their bites. I walk and golf and as a result, exposed to midge bites during the season. I have tried all the usual potions with limited success. I bought two midge LoS sprays for a holiday in the west coast of Scotland and at last I have found something that actually works.
    Thanks to the guys at Torbeag Equestrian for your help.

  4. Alan Guthrie

    I always get bothered with midges when out at the golf and have tried a few different products but still got bitten. Was told about Midge-Los and now have it in my golf bag all the time, so far so good no more bites. So for me I’ll give it 5 stars

  5. Patricia Lillington

    I bought Midge Los for all of my friends when we were in the north of Scotland stalking and fishing. None of us will have a trip to ‘midge land’ again without it!! What a great product none of us were bitten!! Highly recommend and it arrived very quickly from Torbeag too!

  6. Kerry Brown

    I usually get eaten alive by midges and have tried so many preventative products with little success. However, Midge Los really works and keeps me bite free. Thank you, Torbeag!

  7. Megan Klaver

    This is a great product and we use it all the time for Midge season in the Highlands. We run an airbnb and leave a bottle for all of our guests to help them enjoy their stay Midge-free!

  8. Rory Lean

    I have tried about every midge repellent known to man and midges!
    Midge Los is by far the best one on the market, keep up the good work Torbeag Equestrian

  9. Iain Johnston

    Used Midge- Los at the weekend while fishing . Result , A product that left me bite free . Happy to recommend to my friends

  10. Allan Hutton

    Been frustrated by many midge repellents for years.
    However I reckon I’ve now found one I like in Midge Los. Used it on my last two fishing outings when the midges were out in force. Very happy to report that I came home without any bites.
    Will make sure it’s the first thing I pack in my bag for my up coming Outer Hebrides fishing trip.
    I will certainly be recommending this product to my fishing friends.

  11. Steven MacGuire

    This is an excellent product, by a margin the best we’ve found in dealing with the midge. Great service, quick turnaround and the product is packaged simply but ensuring there is no leakage. We’ve bought from Torbeag before and will again.

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