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Torbeag Equestrian - Pamela Guthrie and Copine Van De Neerheide

Torbeag Equestrian - Pamela Guthrie and Miss Ars Vivendi

Welcome to Torbeag Equestrian, a private jumping and training yard located on the outskirts of Callander and The Trossachs National Park. Our facility offers private, shared, or group training sessions with Pamela, our BHS Accredited Professional Coach. She conducts regular jumping and polework clinics at our yard and various venues throughout Central Scotland.

Torbeag Equestrian are Scotlands Premier Agents for ArenaMate UK, supplying industry leading arena levellers & graders. We also work alongside Construction Management Solutions Fife to provide you a full package from design, installation and upgrade of your arena. Furthermore, we supply Combi-Ride Advanced Equestrian Surfaces. who are at the forefront of equine surface technology.

Moreover, Torbeag are proud to be the UK’s Premier Agents for the Pro-Equine Ltd. range of products. Our diverse range of horses has provided us with an ideal opportunity to test the efficacy of the supplements and skincare products, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. We are always available to advise on the most suitable product, not only for your horse but also for your canine companions.

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Torbeag Equestrian

Torbeag Equestrian

Based in Callander, BHS APC / UKCC2 Coach.
Premier Agent for Pro-Equine. Premier Agent for Arenamate

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