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Choosing The Correct Arena Grader For Your Surface

When purchasing an Arena Grader and with so many to choose from, why is it that we recommend ArenaMate Graders?

Investing in an Arena Grader offers several advantages that contribute to the quality, consistency and safety of your arena. Here are some reasons why in our opinion an ArenaMate grader is the perfect choice:

  • Leveling of The Surface – The ArenaMate graders are designed to level the surface evenly. They prevent uneven footing that has the potential to cause injury to horses.
  • Adjustability – They offer adjustable settings to cater to the different surface material and arena conditions, ensuring a consistent surface throughout.

  • Prevents Compaction – Regular grading prevents surface compaction, maintaining a level and forgiving footing.
  • Proper Drainage – It assists to maintain proper drainage by ensuring the surface remains level and free of ruts and holes, which can lead to water pooling.

  • User-Friendly Design – ArenaMate graders are typically easy to attach to various towing vehicles such as tractors or ATV’s. With the large wheels they are easily manoeuvred into position for a quick hook-up.
  • Efficiency – They are designed to be efficient, reducing the time and effort required to maintain the arena compared to manual methods. This is especially true when using the side bar to pull in from the kick-boards.

  • Robust Construction – British made and built with high-quality materials, the graders are durable and capable of handling frequent use in all weather conditions.
  • Low Maintenance – Their sturdy design means that they require minimal maintenance, saving time and costs in the long run.

  • Improved Training Conditions – A regular well-graded surface allows horses to perform better during training and competition, as the footing is more predictable and safer.
  • Reduced Injury Risk – Consistent and well maintained will reduce the risk of injuries to both horse and rider, thus promoting a safer riding environment.

  • Long-Term Investment – While the initial investment may seem a bit higher, the long term benefits of reduced maintenance costs and improved arena conditions make it cost-effective.
  • Increased Arena Surface Lifespan – Proper maintenance with an ArenaMate grader can extend the life of your surface, delaying the need for major repairs or replacements.

  • Suitable for Various Surfaces – Whether you have pure silica-sand, rubber & silica-sand or a fibre mixed surface you have the choice between the Type 1 & Type 3 graders in order to keep your arena surface in the best condition possible.

In summary, an ArenaMate grader is a valuable tool for anyone looking to maintain a high-quality equestrian surface. It ensures a safe, consistent, and professional riding environment, enhancing both the performance of the horses and rider safety. For more information contact us here –

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