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Activgait Horse Joint & Cartilage Supplement

(17 customer reviews)


Activgait is carefully formulated to support equine joint mobility & cartilage health. It helps suppleness and elasticity in horses young & old.

The ingredients in Activgait include powerful and natural Yucca which is more potent than Devil’s Claw.  This acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing pain and swelling associated with joint inflammation. These ingredients work synergistically to promote the overall integrity of the joints and improve their functionality.

Celery seed and Chinese ginger work on the circulation and aid the speedy delivery of the key ingredients to the muscles and joints.

The precise formulation and optimal dosage of these ingredients make it an ideal nutritional supplement for horses of all ages. By providing vital nutrients and essential compounds necessary for maintaining healthy joints and cartilage, Activgait promotes flexibility, agility, and overall mobility in horses.

Regular use of Activgait can significantly enhance the horse’s ability to perform physically demanding activities, alleviate discomfort linked to joint stiffness, and promote quicker recovery from exercise-induced stress.

Delivered in an easily digestible form, Activgait ensures maximum absorption and utilization, leading to noticeable improvements in the horse’s joint health and overall well-being. With Activgait, horse owners can feel confident in providing their equine companions with a premium supplement specially designed to support joint mobility and cartilage health.


** Now contains British cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil making it more palatable and giving your horse valuable Omega oils and Vitamin E **


Yucca, Celery Seed, Ginger, Marjoram, Rapeseed oil

Feeding Guidelines: Add 10ml to feed daily. Amount can be doubled before and/or after strenuous exercise.

Analytical constituents: Ash 0.1g/100g, Calcium 4.60mg/100g, Total Fat (NMR) 93.2g/100g, Crude Fibre 0.4g/100g, Moisture 7.6g/100g, Phosphorous <2mg/100g, Protein <0.1%, Sodium <3mg/100g

Weight N/A

500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

17 reviews for Activgait Horse Joint & Cartilage Supplement

  1. Susan Greenaway

    We have been using both Ulsa-Soothe & Activgait on our horses for a number of months now and have found the products to meet our needs. The Activgait has allowed Nala to be more supple and forward going and is clearly evident to when she was not being run on it.

  2. Amy Ogilvie

    We’ve also been using Activgait for a good few months now on our horses. We feel it helps to keep the horses feeling great and supple. Some of our horses are jumping a lot and this helps with the hard work they are doing to achieve good results.

  3. Jane Calder

    I am using this on our family horse who is 16 and can turn her hand to anything. I did not want her losing weight or condition over the winter. She is looking fantastic is very supple and there is a noticeable change in her.

  4. Victoria Moore

    I have been using Activgait on my horse for a couple of months now, he is a big horse and I wanted to put him onto something as a preventative measure to ensure he’s feeling good in years to come! But I am so impressed with the difference since being on it. He’s feeling much more elastic and jumping super! I have no hesitation in recommending this to any of my friends looking for a joint supplement!

  5. Aileen Heggie

    Activgait – great product which keeps Teddy feeling supple, excellent value for money.

  6. Kathryn

    We’ve been using Activgait on our 14 YO mare for a couple of years now, she can get quite stiff in her back legs but this definitely makes a difference. It was recommended by someone at a competition yard as an alternative before resorting to vet meds.

  7. Caroline Hunter

    Been using Activgait for a few months now as it was recommended by my instructor
    It’s a great product and my horse definitely feels like it’s doing him good
    Great product and service

  8. Megan

    My mare had surgery for PSD in both hind legs and is rehabbing, this supplement is perfect to aid any stiffness and keep her feeling like her younger self. Great value definitely recommend.

  9. Amy Green

    I have felt a big difference in my horse since using this product and it is good value for money.

  10. Julia Thornton

    Great stuff

  11. Danielle Herd

    My 20 year olds on this to keep her supported, comfortable and sound throughout winter, work and stable.

  12. Katie Tottenham

    I wouldn’t be without this product, it’s best joint supplement I’ve fed. I feed it daily for 17yo Totti and he feels amazing!

  13. Brodie Fletcher

    I love this product I use this in my 15 year old mare when we go out jumping as bs shows and she honestly feels so unreal would definitely not think she was 15!

  14. Sinead Russell

    I love this product. Recently started using this on my gelding throughout a busy summer of competing and he has never felt better! Wouldn’t be without it!

  15. Kay

    Only been using this since having it recommended to me at Blair horse trials for my 19 arthritic boy who had just suffered a pelvis injury. He’s like a spring lamb now and if it wasn’t for the grey hairs coming though you wouldn’t be any the wiser to his age.

  16. Julia Thornton

    Great product really helps my arthritic old cob

  17. Yvonne Leiper

    Been using activgait on my old Shetland after a friend told me about this product.
    I was thinking of putting old pony down as he was struggling, after using this product, two years on he is doing very well at the age of 32. Like a naughty teenager again.

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