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Airway Provides Respiratory & Immune Aide

(12 customer reviews)


Airway is specifically formulated to provide horses with respiratory support and promote optimal lung function.

Airway is composed of a potent combination of plant extracts and oils. It is designed to enhance breathing abilities while also bolstering the horse’s immune system.

The incorporation of garlic, eucalyptus, and echinacea in this unique blend allows for a synergistic effect. It results in a comprehensive support system for equine respiratory health.

Garlic, known for its immune-boosting properties. It helps to strengthen the horse’s defense mechanisms, allowing it to better ward off potential respiratory ailments. Eucalyptus, with its potent menthol fragrance, provides a refreshing and invigorating effect. It facilitates the dilation of airways and thereby promoting easier and freer breathing.

Lastly, echinacea, a renowned herbal remedy, further contributes to the overall immune support, providing an additional layer of protection against various respiratory disorders. Together, these powerful ingredients work harmoniously to optimize lung capacity and maintain a healthy respiratory system in horses, enabling them to perform at their peak potential.

With Airway as a part of their nutritional regimen, horse owners can rest assured that their beloved companions are receiving top-tier respiratory support, ensuring their overall well-being and longevity.

For competition horses in training and full work, we recommend Pro-Breathe.


** Now contains British cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil making it more palatable and giving your horse valuable Omega oils and Vitamin E **


Echinacea, Eucalyptus, Garlic, Marjoram, Rapeseed oil

Feeding Guidelines: Add 10ml to feed daily.

Analytical constituents: Ash <0.01g/100g, Calcium <3mg/100g, Total Fat (NMR) 96.1g/100g, Crude Fibre 0.3g/100g, Moisture 4.7g/100g, Phosphorous <2mg/100g, Protein <0.1%, Sodium <3mg/100g

Weight N/A

500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

12 reviews for Airway Provides Respiratory & Immune Aide

  1. Stuart Andrews

    Until recently my horse had been experiencing a slight cough, we presume due to being kept in the stables more with the bad weather. We purchased “Airway” from Torbeag after receiving a recommendation from a friend. Within a couple of days we noticed a huge improvement so as to say the horse is no longer coughing. I would recommend “Airway” to anyone experiencing the same problems and the efficient service from Torbeag Equestrian. 2 thumbs up

  2. Alison Clinton

    One of my riding school horses who is in his 20’s has always had COPD. But 4 years ago he started wheezing badly and had to go on steroids and is currently on inhalers every day! Even with the inhalers he would still wheeze a lot. However after trying different products I found the airways was by far the best! He is now back to doing a few lessons a day which is great as he is a saint!
    Highly recommended!! Magpie also loves the taste of it which helps and makes it easier!

  3. Brenda Craig

    My mare has equine asthma and is on steroid inhaler daily, I decided to try airway just to see if would give her any extra help, I’m now on my second bottle as after about 2 weeks when she was taking her inhaler there was a noticeable improvement in her breaths. Very happy with the results

  4. Emma Grant

    I’ve been using Airways on my Shetland a couple of months now as he seemed to cough a good few times a day due to the dusty fields when dry and when eating his food… and I really noticed it.. now I hardly notice as he’s seems to be coughing a lot less.. he’s happier and got a little buzz about him.. and also love the smell of it!

  5. Liz Roxburgh

    I’ve been using Airways for my mare, Orla, for a few months now. Despite soaking hay she was coughing and had a snotty nose both of which have cleared up. Great supplement – that she seems to love. It smells fab and positive I’ve been eating more garlic bread as result of he being on this

  6. Danielle Herd

    Works wonders on my 20 year old, this gives her a bit of support in the winter and during work. Although she’s a young 20 it gives me peace of mind knowing she’s sound and comfortable.

  7. Aileen Heggie

    After changing my horse onto hay he developed a slight cough . A couple of other liveries use Airway and seemed pleased with the results so i gave it a go. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, within a week there was an improvement and within two weeks the cough was gone. He now stays on Airway, and Pro-equine’s joint supplement Activgait, full time. Excellent product, value for money and competition legal – what more could you ask!

  8. Charlotte Carr

    I had this product sent out to me from Torbeag Equestrian super quick as my horse was really struggling with a cough. Knowing how brilliant the Pro-Equine range is I knew that the Airways product would be fabulous as I have used the Colikare product when my horse has colic’ed in the past. Today was the first day today using Airways an I am not disappointed. She is breathing better / and managing to blow out of her nostrils fully !! This product is fantastic and if your horse is struggling with breathing and dust issues this is your product, to be acting this quick makes a sure bet that the issue will die away in no time. Thank you Torbeag Equestrian !!!!

  9. Eirrin Reid

    I have been using pro equine airways for months now and have seen masses of improvement with my mare who before I started using airways was in the vets with a whooping cough thanks to airways she’s breathing with easy and the coughing has stopped ! I can’t thank Torbeag Equestrian enough for helping me so much with fleur and her cough !

  10. Erin McCrindle

    I started using Pro Equine Airway for my mare who was very wheezy whilst being ridden. Since using this supplement I have noticed a massive difference and feel it has really helped her respiratory system. She seems a lot happier and I strongly recommend this product.

  11. Megan Coates

    Really great product, good value and definitely notice a difference for my mare being on it. She has always struggled with her breathing but this product helped to stop her coughing.

  12. Morag Wheeler

    I purchased Pro Equine Airway for my boy who had been struggling with a cough. We had tried soaking his hay, etc but none of the usual remedies helped but within a few days using Airway his cough has gone altogether. Delighted.
    Its does stink a bit but horses seem to like it

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