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UlsaSoothe Improves Overall Gastric Digestion

(16 customer reviews)


UlsaSoothe is made up of 7 carefully selected ingredients and provides a light and soothing layer to the stomach.

UlsaSoothe does not inhibit natural acid secretion production which is important for healthy digestion in a horse.

It suits horses that are frequently stabled, subject to routine changes and/or to stress. Ulsa-Soothe can be fed long-term to horses at a maintenance level. It’s also aimed at horses that need re-establishment of a healthy gut, especially after a course of aggressive drugs. Ulsa-Soothe is suitable for horses showing behavioural issues, such as being girthy or not liking being groomed.

The supplement contains Aloe Vera, a soothing agent, with properties of lowering bowel transit time. Seabuckthorn has an amazing profile and includes serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps with stress, which can cause digestive issues. Oatseed also helps stressy horses. Liquorice extract properties include helpful flavanoids. Slippery Elm is often combined with Aloe juice for best results, having similar properties. Fennel aids appetite and digestion. Peppermint helps reduce gassy build-ups which are common during stress. (See Colikare)

Owners report changes in their horse in a matter of days of giving Ulsa-Soothe. We recommend giving 25ml of Ulsa-Soothe with feed twice daily initially and then reducing this to 15ml twice daily. Some owners find that 15ml just once a day is enough to have a positive effect – it’s a case of “horses for courses”!!

We welcome enquiries for bulk orders from livery and racing yards.


Aloe Vera, Liquorice, Slippery Elm, Seabuckthorn, Peppermint, Fennel, Oatseed

Feeding Guidelines: Add 25ml to feed twice daily. Amount can be increased or reduced as suits your horse.

Analytical constituents: Ash 1.43%, Calcium 1877mg/kg, Fat 1.10%, Fibre <0.5%, Magnesium 810mg/kg, Moisture 87.49%, Phosphorous 179mg/kg, Protein 0.90%, Sodium 900mg/kg

Weight N/A

500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

16 reviews for UlsaSoothe Improves Overall Gastric Digestion

  1. Carolyn Andrews

    I had a horse that was very stressed in his stable, losing a bit of condition and not really paying attention when he was being ridden or in competition. I then tried Ulsa-Soothe and he has been a completely different horse. The stress has gone and he is paying more attention when being ridden. His condition has improved and his results are very consistent.

  2. Susan Greenaway

    We have been using both Ulsa-Soothe & Activgait on our horses for a number of months now and have found the products to meet our needs. With regards to the
    UlsaSoothe it keeps the horses stomachs settled and their droppings are not as loose as when they are not on it.

  3. Sarah Murray

    Having tried a few gut products I found one of my horses really became fussy and wouldn’t eat anything with supplements in it. He is quite often away to shows and training and stabling away and I wanted to make sure he was as comfortable in his gut as possible. He absolutely loves this and his appetite has returned and looking in great condition. Really pleased and will be continuing to give him this, and my other horses

  4. Jane Calder

    I use Ulsa-Soothe in my daughters mare feed after she had finished getting treatment from the vet for ulcers and she recovered really well. I would recommend this product to any horse owner who has a horse or pony that has stomach problems it works a treat and doesn’t cost the earth.

  5. Alison Clinton

    I recently bought a new horse and she was very grumpy when doing up her girth. So I decided rather than checking for ulcers etc straight away to start her on a supplement. After using the pro equine brand for many other things I decided to try UlsaSoothe and I have noticed a huge difference! She is much more comfortable and not fussed about her girth now. I am very happy with the results

  6. Michael Attwater – Attwater Racing

    Found this product made a massive difference to the horses. Started using this product on 3 horses, and they seem to be bouncing. Are very happy and 1 of them has won 2 races since using this product. We now have just put 9 onto it.

  7. Lorna Stewart

    I decided to try the Ulsa-Soothe on a few on my horses due to them being stabled 24/7 before winter , I’ve got 3 hormonal mares with very big personalities to say the least & 1 grumpy chestnut gelding . My horses are normally fine when stabled as they are worked everyday, but as always I like to have them feeling as fit, comfortable & looking good at all times, if they feel good it makes my job easier. I’ve found since using Ulsa-Soothe that my horses have been even more relaxed & settled in their stables, all have a relaxing nap through the day. I always worry through winter about my horses due to them all having extra sensitive tummy’s due to being on haylage 24/7 & I always have to be careful of what hard feed I give them not to upset there guts. I also found even when tacking my guys up they are less grumpy & even ridden work they sometimes get a little lethargic but energy levels & attitudes have been great .
    Hence now I’m always a regular to re-order this product on a 2 monthly basis as you don’t need a lot for maintenance on your horses which is fantastic when you have 5 like me .

  8. Bonnie Greenan

    After having physio and a saddle fitter check my boy as he had become completely unrideable. He was literally flipping over when you did his girth up.
    I’m not normally one for lotions and potions but I finally decided to give UlsaSoothe a go. I’m so glad I did as my boy has not only gone back to being happy under saddle but he’s that bomb proof again he’s ridden by my 11 year old!

  9. Kirsty Morton

    I’ve used UlsaSoothe for some time now after one of my horses had symptoms of ulcers. After feeding for a few weeks on full dose I noticed a HUGE difference, he was no long girthy or grumpy to groom. I now feed at a maintenance level and find that this works well, during periods of stress or the run up to shows i will sometimes increase the dose a tad to be on the safe side, the beauty is that its all natural with no fillers so your feeding nothing but goodness

  10. Nicola McArthur

    My Grade A Amaretto VI (Danny) has had ulcers in the past and is prone to gassy colic. When returning to work after a lengthy period of injury and more stabling than I would like, his ridden behaviour was erratic to say the least! He would buck, tail swish and get very uptight. After 2 days of Ulsa-soothe he was clearly less gassy, noticeably calmer and much more workable. I only use UlsaSoothe for any stressful situations now and it really helps, and I fully intend to run him on it when he returns to competition.

  11. Margo King

    Since starting Lenny on this product he has been much calmer to ride and handle. Huge difference in stable and tacking him up. A much happier boy allround

  12. Margo King

    Since starting Lenny on this product he has been much calmer to ride and handle. Huge difference in stable and tacking him up. A much happier boy allround.

  13. Emma Dawson

    I use Ulsa-Soothe on my mare, who has recently had treatment for severe ulcers. She now feels so much happier and not as grumpy – especially when girthing up – she’s usually really stressed when stabled or at stay away shows but with Ulsa-Soothe she is extremely relaxed and you don’t need a lot for maintenance which is a bonus. I recommend this product to anyone who’s horses have received treatment!

  14. Rachel McCarter

    I put our horse on ulsa-soothe after she had treatment for ulcers! We will be giving it to her from now on in each of her feeds! She is once again comfy and the UlsaSoothe is helping to prevent the ulcers coming back again! Its a great product at a great price!

  15. Holly Johnstone

    So a couple of weeks ago I spoke to my sponsors Torbeag Equestrian as to what would be best to help Doug in what I believe was a gassy belly or ulcers.
    He had started displaying different behaviour, when rugging up he was getting really grumpy and turned very girthy when tacking up.
    He was also very touchy and twitchy around flank area all signs that had got worse.
    I started feeding him on UlsaSoothe which now in his system I can see a difference!
    He’s a lot happier for me to girth and rug up and will let me groom and touch areas in which he wouldn’t let me near.
    It smells amazing which is ideal and makes it more palatable for them.
    Thanks guys! Would highly recommend

  16. Rebecca Henderson

    Not one for writting reviews but this product is really one to rave about! I have tried every treatment under the sun & this has been without a doubt the most noticeable!!! My horse had grade 3 ulsers September 2021 and received vet treatment, so I just really want a product to help with his management as best I can. He’s been in amazing condition & jumping brilliant since having this product AM & PM! No more randomly lack of energy or tension during girthing/ random bucking. I fed with keyflow pink mash & seni care

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