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Alternative Fly Spray With Pressed Neem Oil

(8 customer reviews)


Alternative Fly Spray is a natural mixture of Aloe Vera & Neem Oil in a Spray

Alternative Fly Spray is an all-natural mixture of Aloe Vera and Neem.  It is an easy-to-apply and provides a chemical and alcohol-free protective film for the most awkward of areas. It’s Ideal for use in heavily populated midge areas, it can also be used by riders and safely applied to other animals. (See Neem Oil)

It cools irritated areas and itching and can be sprayed directly onto minor wounds, cuts and abrasions.

For Human use see Pro-Neem

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Pro-Equine has developed a range of Neem-based products to stop your horse being bothered by flies, midges and other pests. We are aware that some horses don’t like sprays so the Alternative Fly Spray is also available as a gel called Wunder Gel – because it does so much more than deter flies.

By buying good quality, pure Neem Oil, you can make up your own shampoo, spray or lotion – a little goes a long way!


** To reduce plastic waste and your costs, buy refill products and re-use your bottle and spray! **

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500ml, 1 Litre Refill, 5 Litre Refill

8 reviews for Alternative Fly Spray With Pressed Neem Oil

  1. Cara Craig

    Top class product for both fly control and sweet itch management and prevention. Our miniature shetland pony has been plagued by sweet itch since a yearling, we have tried every available product on the market, supplements and topical applications. We discovered this mid summer last year when he was already in the throws of sweet itch and had broken and bleeding skin and had rubbed off his mane and tail. We bought the alternative fly spray and also the wunder gel with neem and the neem oil. We applied these twice daily and within 10 days his sores had dried up and began to heal. By the end of the summer he had began to grow a main and tail. For once he was not constantly scratching and seemed comfortable.
    We used the fly spray on all our other horses as it is not only extremely effective but also much more economical than many others on the market.
    We hope to get ahead of the sweet itch this year and have just bathed him in bug buster shampoo with neem and will apply the alternative fly spray daily from now until autumn, the 5 litre refills are great value for money as they last ages! We’ll also use this when needed for our other 5 horses.
    Hopefully we’ll get this wee pony out to a show this year for the first time in a couple of years!

  2. Caroline Caldwell

    I have used this product & its very good especially on my TB. It also smells lovely.

  3. Lisanne Killen

    A great product to keep those pesky flies away…. Definitely wouldn’t be without it

  4. Fiona Thompson

    Great fly spray and economical to use on 4 horses will be using again this summer! Along with cool wash and mud buster shampoo which I use for horses and my dog!

  5. Jackie Ellis

    This is a brilliant fly spray, it actually works

  6. Megan Sheret

    My mare has very sensitive skin and the flies always bother her, this product has been great for her it doesn’t irritate her skin and keeps the flies at bay!

  7. Megan Cowan

    Summer time is so much easier with this fly spray, horses are all at peace and can enjoy their time out in the field without being pestered by the flys. The fact that it’s 100% natural and doesn’t come with the horrible smell of chemicals is a bonus too so I can use it on myself for when I go out hacking.

  8. Julie Holden

    Great product. Use it on my pony and I do see a difference at this time of year. He has not been stamping his legs. I have bought this several times and shall continue to use and recommend.

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