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Canine Itch Eze Gel Offers Instant Cooling Relief


Itch Eze Gel, consists of several natural ingredients in a light Aloe Vera gel.

Canine Itch Eze Gel once it has been applied offers immediate relief to itchy, sensitive skin. It supports seasonal and environmental problems such as allergies, insect bites. stings and dry skin issues. With 100% natural ingredients, and no hidden chemicals or drying alcohol, this Aloe Vera gel which includes cooling and antiseptic ingredients will leave your dog’s skin feeling cool, soothed and comfortably scratch free!

It gives immediate relief to itchy skin and irritation. ( See Itch Eze Spray for Dogs ) 

Itchy dog? Itching in dogs can be caused by a variety of causes including allergies, bacterial skin problems, insect bites, parasites which can all lead to dry, irritated itchy skin and leads to havoc with your dog’s overall health. Our pet care Itch-Eze Gel offers immediate relief to itchy, sensitive skin and supports seasonal and environmental problems. Itch Eze Gel is a light Aloe Vera non sting application with soothing essential oil ingredients to calm and reduce itchy and irritated skin. Once applied it works quickly to help stop further itching on those troublesome areas while leaving a moisture barrier to help quench dry skin on your itchy dog.

For overall coverage we also recommend using the Pro-Canine Itch-Eze Spray available in both 250ml and 500ml sizes.


Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Cajeput, Peppermint






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