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Bug Buster Horse Shampoo With Neem Oil

(21 customer reviews)


Bug Buster Shampoo is a powerful bug-busting, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo with Neem.

Bug Buster Shampoo is not only effective in cleansing the horse’s skin and coat, but also maintains the natural oil balance. This leaves the horse’s skin healthy and moisturized. Furthermore, this shampoo helps to prioritise and prevent common skin conditions that can arise during the winter months. The shampoo incorporates a potent combination of bug-busting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. One of the key ingredients in this remarkable shampoo is Neem. Neem effectively eliminates harmful bugs and insects that often infest winter-weary horses. It also ensures a comprehensive approach to maintaining optimal skin health.

Winter ailments such as Mud Fever, rain scald, and cracked heels can be particularly troublesome and uncomfortable for horses. However, using this exceptional shampoo, horse owners can greatly alleviate these issues and provide their horses with the required relief. Mud Fever, a problem resulting from wet muddy conditions, can lead to painful sores and scabs on a horse’s legs. Bug Buster Shampoo eradicates the bacteria responsible for this condition and promoting healing and regeneration of the affected skin.

Similarly, rain scald, which occurs when horses are exposed to prolonged wet and rainy weather. This can cause painful and inflamed areas on their bodies. By using this shampoo into their regular grooming routine, horse owners can effectively combat the bacteria causing this condition and soothe their horse’s discomfort. Furthermore, the shampoo’s anti-fungal properties aid in preventing the development of fungal infections that often accompany these skin issues, ensuring a more holistic approach to equine skincare.

Bug Buster Shampoo with Neem is a true game-changer in the world of equine skincare.

The revolutionary Bug Buster Shampoo goes beyond simply treating existing skin conditions; it works proactively to shield horses from potential ailments. By regularly using this shampoo, horse owners can create a protective barrier on their horses’ skin, deterring bugs and insects from causing further harm. Moreover, the shampoo’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties provide additional protection against potential infections and irritations, safeguarding the horse’s well-being in even the harshest winter conditions.

Torbeag’s Top Tip

This Shampoo is amazing to use pre and post clipping.  Use it before to get the coat clean and to make it easier for the blades to glide through, reducing any clipper lines.   Use it afterwards to clean and nourish the skin and leave a complete professional finish.


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250ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

21 reviews for Bug Buster Horse Shampoo With Neem Oil

  1. Amy Ogilvie

    We have recently been using the Bug Buster Shampoo with Neem for washing our horses before a show. It brings their coats up brilliant and gives them a great shine.

  2. Lorna Stewart

    Wow is the only words I can say about this product , after clipping my very sensitive mare this time her skin became very dry & patchy . After sending a picture & speaking to Greig Guthrie Torbeag Equestrian he recommend using Pro-Equine Bug Buster Shampoo with Neem . Well I think you can see from the results in just 3 days is amazing , not only has it relieved her itch but cleared the amount of dead skin & already you can see the new hair growth star to appear .
    I have also started using this on all my horses after work & again the difference in the coats & even there tails & mains are super soft & smooth .
    One product I won’t be living without in my grooming box from now on .

  3. Sarah Hutchinson

    Very impressed with the results from Pro-Equine Bug Buster Shampoo, since his 2nd clip this winter Beltrum’s skin and coat has been dull, scabby and dry. The usual hot cloth with dettol, topical creams and medicated shampoo didn’t have any effect. Bel had a particular patch on the left of his neck/shoulder which was granulated and a bit of a concern. after just 2 days the improvement in the shine on his coat was noticeable, it felt softer and looked so much healthier. Now less than 2 weeks later the spot is clear of scabs and has healthy skin underneath plus the rest of his coat is looking and feeling great. A little goes a very long way, I’ve started using it on Waiper to help loosen the wee scabs he’s picked up from when they play fight and nip each other. Highly recommend, thanks Torbeag Equestrian for sending it out to me so quickly!

  4. Leanne McBain

    Greig and Pamela,

    After trying your neem shampoo, thought I’d share how I got on….

    My mare is a very white grey and her mane was getting to the stage of having quite a heavy build up of oils and grease through being in a full neck rug, her tail and legs got a shampoo too.
    Her mane has never been softer and her tail is wonderful and super easy to groom. Hard to describe, but her legs look silver white in the sun!

    It smells great and will defo help with the bugs in the summer months!

    Many thanks
    Leanne and Violet

  5. Aileen Heggie

    My horses skin could be dry and flakey and they always got a skin rash after clipping since using the Bug buster shampoo i have noticed such a difference! Their coat is gleaming and their skin was perfect after clipping. Definitely only be using this shampoo going forward ?

  6. Megan Cowan

    Use this shampoo for before and after clipping my horses, their coats have never been cleaner and makes clipping so much easier! A little goes a long way therefore making it worth every penny as it lasts for so long!

  7. Tara Verrell

    Timmy has low immunity due to bring on meds for his arthritis. Being half shetland he has a very thick coat and keep getting skin sores. Treating for lice left him with very dry skin. Bug buster really help to get rid of pests (also feather mites behind the knees) and leaving him with a coat in much better condition. His field mate Skippy has a black coat and after bug buster his shine is incredible!

  8. Kirstie Boyd

    I’ve used this shampoo before and after clipping and now I’m hooked!! I won’t use another shampoo now and I’ve told everyone about it. My horse’s coats are smooth and shiny, and visibly clean! Brilliant product

  9. Shannon Kelly

    Can’t believe the shine we get on all our horses coats after using this product! Fantastic to use before and after clipping! Would recommend this to anyone who wants their horses to have a great shine and help get rid of any dry skin or rashes.

  10. Susan Crawford

    Fantastic shampoo and great results with such a small amount on my grey pony.
    I am always very sceptical about shampoos taking out stains on a grey but most disappeared and left his coat and tail feeling great. Thoroughly recommend this product.

  11. Aileen Heggie

    Bug Buster Shampoo with Neem – Love this product, his skin is healthy, his coat is gleaming and it’s very good for getting the grease out of his mane and tail and leaving it soft and silky. Also brilliant for use before & after clipping.

  12. Lucy Stewart

    Great product which left my horses coats clean, soft and shiny. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  13. Elaine Anderson

    I love this product! I use it during the summer to assist with keeping those pesky insects away, as well as keeping Finns coat soft, smooth and glossy. Being black, he tends to produce a lot of grease, but this shampoo gets rid of it and keeps him shining! During the winter it also made a fantastic alternative to harsher leg scrubs for leg cleaning post mud. Using this in conjunction with the straight Neem oil has taken care Finns legs all year round. Can’t recommend highly enough, and Greig and Pamela are great to deal with. Definitely 5 stars!

  14. Lynsey Galloway

    Absolutely brilliant product!! A small amount really does do a lot!! Great for general cleaning leaving a fantastic shine to the coat or for more specific problems.
    I used this on my 5 yr old TB legs after noticing he’d got a little mud rash! I’ve only had to wash him twice with the shampoo and it’s almost gone!!
    Brilliant product!!

  15. Kirsty Morton

    I tried bug buster only last year after spending silly money on fly spray, vets and different fly rugs, unfortunately Woody reacts to bug bites…. not ideal when you surrounded by trees and livestock, i found bathing him on the nice days on a regular basis with the bug buster shampoo kept the flys at bay and he was ALOT comfier, I would still put his fly sheet on and use the Pro Equine fly spray, but I knew i could get away with an hour or so without it to allow the sun on his back

  16. Emma Dawson

    I only recently started using Torbeag Equestrians products, and I can’t recommend them enough!! The bug buster with neem oil shampoo is outstanding – removing all the grease, dead skin and then leaving a great shine on my chestnut mares coat lasting for days. The cool wash is one of my favourites – after a hard workout it helps my mare cool down and leaves a great peppermint smell and shine. My horse has also been treated for severe gastric ulcers and the Ulsasoothe has helped her with her recovery!

  17. Kerry Brown

    A lovely product. My horses’ coats are shiny and smooth after use.

  18. Arlene Struthers-Lake

    Used Pro-Equine’s, Bug Buster with neem, shampoo, for the first time today. The pony has lived out all winter usually unrugged. As a hairy cob he had a fair bit of grease in his mane and a lot of dirt in his coat next to the skin. I’m pleased to say i didnt have to do two shampoos as i often do with the hairies. He was also done at the field, not home, so no running water or pressure from the hose/hot shower. Will defiantly recommend and use again

  19. Summer Edmond

    This shampoo is fantastic. It’s definitely up there with the best. My horses coat felt so soft and clean after using it. It also looked so shiny and healthy. A little drop goes a long way so it lasts for ages. My horse had a tiny rash and after using this shampoo it has completely gone. 100% recommend.

  20. Sharon Pearson

    This is my go to when our pony shows any sign off being itchy! Great shampoo that lasts a long time

  21. Julie Bakter

    This is great shampoo, especially for a cob with feathers. I never use anything else.

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