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Coolwash After Exercise Cooling Peppermint Rinse

(20 customer reviews)


Coolwash has been voted “Best in Test 2023” By Horse & Rider Magazine

Coolwash is a soothing and refreshing blend of peppermint, tea tree, and aloe vera, designed for use after exercise.

This product effectively removes sweat and grease residue while providing a cooling and refreshing sensation to the body, muscles, and legs, all without the need for rinsing.

(Bronze Competition Pack)

Key Benefits:

  • Soothing and Refreshing: Combines the natural benefits of peppermint, tea tree, and aloe vera.
  • Post-Exercise Relief: Ideal for use after exercise to help cool and refresh the body.
  • No Rinsing Required: Convenient application without the need for rinsing.
  • Long-Lasting Effect: Provides a refreshing and cooling effect that lasts for hours.
  • Aids Recovery: Helps reduce recovery time for your horse.
  • Skin and Coat Care: Free from alcohol and chemicals that can dry out the coat, instead it nourishes and conditions the skin and coat.

Coolwash offers a natural and gentle solution to keep your horse feeling fresh and comfortable after exercise, ensuring both the skin and coat remain healthy and well-conditioned.

Combine both the award winning products in a money saving multi-pack.

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1 Litre, 5 Litre

20 reviews for Coolwash After Exercise Cooling Peppermint Rinse

  1. Carly Adams

    Used this product for the first time on Sunday on a baking hot day post xc phase. All I can say is wow it’s amazing. It’s smells beautifully which left the horse smelly great too. He instantly was cooled down and we didn’t need to use much either. Well worth the money.

  2. Aileen Heggie

    Handy product to have around perfect for cooling down a sweaty horse on a hot day or hot clothing after work on a cooler day

  3. Megan Cowan

    Must have product in the lorry when away to shows! Removes any traces of sweat after working them, leaves the coat clean and shiny. A nice refreshment for the horses too after working hard!

  4. Natalie Devlin

    Won this product at a show for best turned out. Great to use on the horses to wash them down, especially on a hot day. Great way to keep their muscles feeling their best.

  5. Aileen Heggie

    Coolwash – I use this at home and at shows as it removes sweat and grease, best part is you don’t need to rinse!

  6. Kirsty Morton

    The only bottle you need in your away bag for shows!! smells amazing and leaves the horses coats shiny and smelling amazing

  7. Tracy Batt

    Cool wash smells gorgeous, great in this hot weather, I’ve been sponging my boy down with it, will definitely buy again

  8. Danielle Herd

    Finally got around to opening and using. Fanrastic product a small amount goes along way. Takes away scurff, dandruff and sweat. Leaves a shine and healthy looking coat. Smells nice too.

  9. Danielle Herd

    Really pleased with this wash and pleasantly suprised. Pony was covered in sweat after a lesson. Completely stripped the sweat left the coat shiney and a little really does go a long way. Bonus is it smells lovely and isnt sticky like.

  10. Sam Scrimgeour

    Great product, a must have especially with the warmer weather we are finally getting! ID can be sensitive to certain products so it’s nice to find something that works for him and he definitely appreciates it after his warm day workouts at the moment to help keep him right and has the added bonus of leaving him smelling amazing.

  11. Joyce Patterson

    As the exhausted owner of 2 greys, I can wholeheartedly attest to the benefits of peppermint coolwash for, even diluted, it helps enormously to remove the inevitable stable stains which greet me every morning!! In the absence of bubble wrapping them overnight, coolwash does the trick

  12. Erin McCrindle

    I started using this product a while ago after seeing it advertised on Facebook and I can’t recommend it enough! I find coolwash a brilliant and effective way of cooling down my horse after a workout. It smells brilliant and leaves tendons looking nice and clean and muscles feeling replenished.

  13. Summer Edmond

    I have used this product for a few years now. It is an essential part of my routine in the summer months when I am cooling my horses off after exercise. I use it at home and after competing. After trying many different brands I find that this is one of the few cooling washes that actually work. I wouldn’t use anything else.

  14. Callie Herd

    Excellent value for money, I always use this product after a sweaty workout with my horse smells really nice and helps to relax the muscle and cooling down. Will definitely purchase again! Thanks

  15. Gillian McFadyen

    Both my children won Coolwash at BS Extravaganza at the Highland Show Ground> We have been doing xc training and been using it after – the small is amazing!
    We are heading off to Pony Club Champs this week for tetrathlon, showjumping & Eventing – will definitely have a bottle with us!

  16. Sinead Russell

    A must have in the trailer when out eventing or to wash off after competing! I bring this to every competition and it is so easy to use!

  17. Jenn Anderson

    One of our most favourite products and a must have in lorry and at home. Smells great and leaves coat looking fab, while also very cooling. I don’t think any competes to it on the market.

  18. Kathryn Smith

    This is a staple in our horse’s washbag, great for sponging sweat and grime off after exercise, particularly in summer. Smells great too.

  19. Michelle Fulton

    This is my 3rd bottle, leaves my horses coat lovely and clean after a sweaty ride and quick and easy to use

  20. Sophie D’Ambrosio

    The Cool wash is a Yard & Show essential for us!
    A tiny splash into a bucket is all you need and it leaves your horse smelling amazing! also reduces the recovery time and keeps their coats fresh and conditioned. Highly recommend! Especially at this time of year.

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