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Dermasolve Gel Canine

(2 customer reviews)


Dermasolve Gel is a light antiseptic gel to help cleanse skin infections & to promote fast wound healing.

Dermasolve Gel also provides nourishment and softens dry problem areas & promotes hair re-growth.

It is ideal to use on open wounds, scratches, red inflamed skin and helps to cool hot, itchy areas.

Dermasolve Gel can be used on a variety of skin problems and also includes beneficial ingredients to deter biting insects and parasites such as fleas and mange. (See also Dermasolve Oil )


Aloe Vera, Neem, Palma Rosa, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Yarrow

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2 reviews for Dermasolve Gel Canine

  1. Rachel

    Great product my dog had sores on her legs which she chewed as itchy. This cream reduced the itching and they are healing nicely now.

  2. Heather Wilson

    My dog has suffered a really serious allergic reaction with a severe yeast infection.
    He has been very itchy and lost a lot of hair. This ointment is perfect to put on his scaly back. It is soothing and cooling and moisturises the scaly skin. The hair is growing back too. It is perfect. Our excellent homeopathic Vet advised me to look out for products supplied by equestrian suppliers and he feels that they are the best of dogs skins. I am also going to order Itch -Eze Gel next time I place an order. We get through a jar a week and the great response is amazing. Our conventional Vet. got him into this state and you are helping us to heal him. Thank you so much. Your packaging is perfect too and you are very prompt indeed.

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