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Dermasolve Oil Canine


Dermasolve Oil is a complex mix of herbal ingredients creating a multi-purpose, antiseptic oil

Dermasolve Oil is ideal for minor wound care and problems with your dog’s skin. ( See also Dermasolve Gel )


Includes antiseptic properties for fast wound care protection with active after care ingredients to protect from secondary infection.


Dermasolve oil contains Neem which is recognized for its ability to deter biting insects, fungal and parasitic invasions.


Dermasolve oil promotes rapid hair re-growth, reduces blemishing scar tissue and hair coloration. Very successful for dogs, especially greyhounds, who are prone to losing the hair on their thighs.


Dermasolve oil transforms dry, cracked, rough paws. Hydrating, soothing, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic formula that is easily absorbed deep into damaged paw areas.


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