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Itch Eze Gel Soothes Itchy Irritated Skin

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Itch Eze Gel consists of several natural ingredients in a light Aloe Vera gel.

Once Itch Eze gel has been applied, it will instantly cool the affected area giving immediate relief to the skin and any bruising.

The gel consists of several natural ingredients in a light Aloe Vera gel. Once applied it instantly cools and soothes irritated areas giving immediate relief to itchy skin, insect bites, stings, hives, lumps and bumps.

For horses that are continuously rubbing areas raw, this is the ideal application to apply to worst affected areas, usually top of the tail and mane.

Horses itch and rub for many reasons and in particular during the summer months when flies and biting insects are a nuisance. Having a product such as this at hand helps keep your horse happy and stress free.

This brilliant gel will not stain, and can be rinsed off easily with water. It smells great and is suitable for humans too!

Store it in the fridge for extra cooling relief!

Itch-Eze Gel is available in 150g and 300g sizes and for extra coverage try the Itch-Eze Spray 250ml or 500ml.

(See also the spray version)


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3 reviews for Itch Eze Gel Soothes Itchy Irritated Skin

  1. Danielle Herd

    Fantastic gel for applying to areas where they have over scratched or rubbed. Helps to cool and heal. I use both on the dog, pony and myself on sunburn- took the heat and swelling down.

  2. Fiona Beasley

    This is literally the ONLY product that stops my horse rubbing his tail raw in the summer. It’s soothing and one application lasts 24 hours on my boy. Wouldn’t buy anything else now.

  3. Abi Reekie

    My pony gets a very itchy tail in the summer but the itch-eze gel has made a huge difference! Sammy usually rubs his tail raw but since using the gel his tail is in a great condition. Highly recommend this!

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