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Mud Bug Buster Premium Neem Mud Fever Paste

(5 customer reviews)


Mud Bug Buster prevents bacterial skin infections found in horses, especially during the wet winter months.

Mud Bug Buster has a unique waterproof formula that creates a barrier that effectively keeps moisture out & ensures that the paste remains in place even in wet and muddy conditions. This long-lasting property eliminates the need for frequent reapplication, saving both time and effort for equestrians.

The antibacterial properties including the powerful Neem Oil. It works to combat harmful bacteria and fungi, providing a safeguard for your horse’s legs. Not only does this paste protect against infections, but also promotes healing if any irritation or scratching has already occurred.

M.B.B is a reliable and efficient solution that equestrians can trust to maintain the health and well-being of their horses.

With its user-friendly application, simply apply the paste onto dry legs before turning out, eliminating the hassle of washing or scrubbing.

*Torbeag’s Top Tip here is to wash the legs first with Bug Buster Shampoo.  Allow to dry and then apply the Mud Bug Buster. We’ve found that by doing this you will get the quickest results.


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300gm, 900gm

5 reviews for Mud Bug Buster Premium Neem Mud Fever Paste

  1. Elaine McCall

    I have used this on my three horses legs the last two winters, and none of them have developed mud rash. It’s easy to use, does what it says, no horrible smell and easy on the hands for those that don’t like gloves. I wash their legs with the Bug Buster Shampoo, dry them and then apply mud bug buster. Would highly recommend this product.

  2. Lynsey Galloway

    This is a phenomenal product!! Unfortunately my boy got a touch of mud fever this year, I hate the thick gooey barrier creams on the market or the creams you have to scrub off (taking the scabs off prematurely) every couple of days meaning you open the skin up to more infection!!
    This stuff is fantastic, I was surprised how well it worked considering it wasn’t thick or sticky!! His mud rash was gone after a week, and NO scrubbing involved, the scans just brushed off!

  3. Laura Jane McCabe

    I would like to thank Torbeag for supplying Pro Equine Mud Bug Buster, what a fantastic product. we have tried everything, all the usual lotions and potions, mud boots etc with no sucess and this year the mudfever has been particularly bad. At our wits end we asked Torbeag and were advised to try Mud Bug Buster. we started applying to existing mud fever legs and within days a significant improvement. once cleared up we put on the legs everyday before turnout and it actually has stopped the mud fever returning!! We and our horses are delighted with this product . we cannot recommend highly enough

  4. Sinead Russell

    Fabulous product for both prevention and treatment of mud fever prone horses. My horse has previously had mud fever and since using this product we’ve never had issues. It’s amazing wicking properties means the mud slides right off their legs so no need to hose them for long in the cold winter months!

  5. Lesley Restorick

    I’ve only been using this product for a week and its working great!

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