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Neem & Bug Buster Shampoo

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Healthy Skin & An Amazing Shine

Neem Oil & Bug Buster Shampoo Twin-Pack

Neem Oil is, quite simply, one of nature’s marvels and has a multitude of uses.  It is antibacterial; anti-fungal, contains vitamin E and many essential amino acids, which help moisturise and soothe the skin.  Neem Oil’s collagen properties promote healthy, new skin, reduce scar tissue and encourage rapid hair re-growth.  So with this twin pack of both Neem Oil and Bug Buster Shampoo you are getting he best of both products.

Midges & Sweet Itch

For horses that are bothered by flies and midges and rub and scratch away parts of their mane & tail, Neem Oil is ideal.  It can be applied, neat or diluted, to keep the pesky insects away in the first instance and avoid your horse being bitten.  Once your horse has been bitten and is itchy, Neem Oil can be applied to the itchy and rubbed areas.  Neem helps stop further biting, deeply moisturises and soothes the skin, and encourages rapid hair re-growth.

Neem Oil has repellent properties and has been scientifically tested for use against midges.  The University of Edinburgh evaluated Neem oil for “repellent and anti-feedant activity” against the biting midge Culicoides impunctatus.  They concluded that blood-feeding by the midge was “significantly reduced by topical applications of Neem oil”.

Bug Buster Shampoo is a powerful bug-busting, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo

Winter ailments such as Mud Fever, rain scald, and cracked heels can be particularly troublesome and uncomfortable for horses. However, using this shampoo, horse owners can greatly alleviate these issues and provide the relief they need. Mud Fever, results from moist and muddy conditions and can lead to painful sores and scabs on a horse’s legs. Bug Buster Shampoo eradicates the bacteria responsible for this condition and promotes healing of the affected skin.

Similarly, rain scald, which occurs when horses are exposed to prolonged wet and rainy weather, can cause painful and inflamed areas on their bodies. By incorporating Bug Buster Shampoo into their regular grooming routine, horse owners can effectively combat the bacteria causing this condition and soothe their horse’s discomfort. Furthermore, the shampoo’s anti-fungal properties aid in preventing the development of fungal infections that often accompany these skin issues, ensuring a more holistic approach to equine skincare.

Bug Buster Shampoo goes beyond simply treating existing skin conditions

It works proactively to shield horses from potential ailments. By regularly using this shampoo you can create a protective barrier on the horses’ skin. It will help in the deterring of bugs and insects from causing further harm. Moreover, the shampoo’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties provide additional protection against potential infections and irritations. Further safeguarding the horse’s well-being in even the harshest winter conditions.


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Neem 250ml, Bug Buster Shampoo 250ml


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