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Pro Neem Miracle Skin Oil For Cuts & Rubs


Pro-Neem is perfect on minor wounds, cuts and rug rubs.

Pro-Neem, with its distinct blend of essential oils renowned for their inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties, presents an extraordinary solution. (see Neem)

This Oil is particularly useful to promote healthy new skin on awkward areas that stretch with movement. Applying straight away can help reduce scar tissue and blemish formation. It is packed with Vitamin E & this miracle skin oil is easily absorbed into dry, cracked skin.

This remarkable product captures a potent potency within its compact design, making it effortlessly portable – easily fitting into your pocket for your convenience.

This product stands as a testament to the wonders of nature, offering a comprehensive and versatile herbal remedy that embodies both efficiency and effectiveness.

Having natural collagen properties it promotes healthy new skin and reduces scar tissue and blemish formation.

Last but not least, once applied helps deter biting insects and helps the area get better quicker without further irritation and contamination of spreading germs. It really is a miracle skin oil!

Use Pro-Neem on minor wounds, cuts, warts and rug rubs. It’s also good for cracked heels, ticks, mites and bites.

Please note the pure and natural ingredients in Pro-Neem will solidify at cool temperatures, simply warm up to re-liquify.





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