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Pro Breathe Respiratory & Adrenal Support

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Pro-Breathe has been formulated to maintain a healthy respiratory function in horses.

Pro-Breathe has been carefully crafted formula contains a combination of specific herbs that have been selected for their beneficial effects on both the respiratory and adrenal systems.

By supporting the adrenal glands, this supplement assists in stress response and energy regulation in horses engaged in high-intensity activities. Additionally, the herbal extracts have been shown to have bronchodilatory properties, helping to open up the airways and improve oxygen uptake in the lungs. This promotes overall respiratory health and enhances the horse’s ability to perform at its peak during demanding physical exertions.

Pro-Breathe is a concentrated blend that ensures maximum effectiveness, allowing for targeted support to the respiratory (see Airway) and adrenal systems. With Pro-Breathe, horses can experience improved endurance, increased stamina, and optimal respiratory function, ultimately leading to improved performance.

A soothing Liquorice-based syrup with added beneficial ingredients to help loosen phlegm and clear lungs more quickly and easily. An ideal supplement to use for stabled horses and when the first signs of coughing are noticed.

Whether in training or competition, Pro-Breathe is the ideal choice for horse owners and trainers looking to optimize their equine athletes’ performance and well-being.

Get quick results with this product which can be fed regularly or when needed.

Like all Pro-Equine products, Pro-Breathe is a concentrated formula with NO additives, preservatives or carrier base and conforms to Jockey Club regulations.

There are no banned substances in any Pro-Equine products.

All products are fast-working and effective – and 100% natural.



Liquorice, Peppermint, Couchgrass, Red Clover, Eucalyptus, Lemon

Feeding Guidelines: Add 20ml to feed daily. Amount can be doubled 3 days prior to competition.

Analytical constituents: Ash 1.54%, Calcium 1295mg/kg, Fat 0.80%, Fibre <0.5%, Magnesium 2050mg/kg, Moisture 70.65%, Phosphorous 356mg/kg, Protein 2.60%, Sodium 983mg/kg

Weight N/A

500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

2 reviews for Pro Breathe Respiratory & Adrenal Support

  1. Megan Cowan

    This has made such a positive difference to my mares breathing, she’s always suffered with dust allergies and had a real rasp following this winter. After using this product for two months she now has one big clear out and happily canters with no wheezing or struggle.
    Well worth the money.

  2. Lynn Leigh

    My horse had a cough and I tried this supplement. It has really helped and I notice a huge difference

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