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Pro Stamina Improves Overall Energy Levels

(11 customer reviews)


Pro-Stamina provides the essential nutrient support necessary for optimal performance and recovery in horses.

Pro-Stamina is there whether it is a rigorous workout, competition, or simply a day where the horse seems fatigued or off-track. Pro Stamina is designed to cater to their needs and is rich in iron and vitamins C and E. Ingredients that promote red blood cell production for cardiovascular health and optimum lung function.

Furthermore, the supplement promotes appetite and digestion and a well-functioning lymphatic system. It is also designed to combat muscle tightness during and after exercise. This supplement ensures that horses receive a well-rounded support system for their physiological functions during periods of intense physical exertion.

Pro Stamina acts as a rejuvenating agent for horses experiencing a dip in their usual vitality, reviving their energy levels and bringing them back to their normal selves. This formula further enhances its effectiveness by incorporating the abundant benefits of aloe vera. (See AloeMega)

This natural ingredient is known for its healing and soothing properties, promoting gastrointestinal health and reducing oxidative stress. With Pro Stamina, horse owners can trust in a high-quality, comprehensive supplement that caters to the unique needs of their equine companions, bolstering their performance, recovery, and overall well-being.

Like all Pro-Equine products, Pro-Stamina is a concentrated formula with NO additives, preservatives or carrier base.

There are no banned substances in any Pro-Equine products and Pro-Stamina conforms to Jockey Club regulations and can be used while competing.

All products are fast-working and effective – and 100% natural.



Liquorice, Oatseed, Dandelion, Couchgrass, Red Clover, Cleavers, Nettle, Hawthorn

Feeding Guidelines: Add 20ml to feed daily. Amount can be doubled 3 days prior to and post competition.

Analytical constituents: Ash 0.87%, Calcium 447mg/kg, Fat <0.3%, Fibre <0.5%, Magnesium 744mg/kg, Moisture 88.15%, Phosphorous 185mg/kg, Protein 1.20%, Sodium 302mg/kg

Weight N/A

500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

11 reviews for Pro Stamina Improves Overall Energy Levels

  1. Kelly Diamond

    We used pro stamina and results were almost instant, the horse that was once tripping over his own feet and had 0 energy was now bright and raring to go it’s was like flicking a switch highly recommend

  2. Aileen Heggie

    Pro-Stamina – I use this at shows when a little extra oomph is needed with great results. Even on day 3 or 4 of a show my horse is feeling great.

  3. Joyce Patterson

    When Finn started to feel a little sluggish during schooling and jumping I began adding Pro Stamina to his daily feeds
    It certainly perked him up quickly and despite heading for 18 he’s loving his jumping again and seems to have a lot more energy. Good work Pro Stamina

  4. Samantha Rashleigh

    Fab product, my boy is a huge 17.3hh 6 year old and lacks energy at times and needs that extra bit of help.. Huge difference since using, he jumps long courses now without loosing jump/energy!

  5. Kelly Connor

    Erin is a big framed scopey mare who is extremely willing, but having only started her education last year is lacking in experience and is still extremely weak. She always aims to please but by the end of the course I feel she struggles. Since using Pro-Stamina, Erin has more energy and she also has what it says, “Stamina”.

  6. Lesley Paton

    It was recommended we use this product on one of our slightly tubby Connemara ponies who has been lacking a bit of stamina when show – jumping. We used it for the first time last weekend and despite the unseasonally high spring temperatures he had much more energy, jumping double clear to qualify for the Royal Highland Show so thank you.

  7. Alicia Anderson

    My mare is a very capable but lacks “stamina” especially over a 12 fence course and when at a multi day show. My trainer, Kelly Connor, recommended Pro Stamina and what a difference it has made to her energy levels and duration. I wish they made it for humans!

  8. Anne Smith

    Great product. I was struggling what I could add to my daughters very good doer Connemara and this is just the ticket. No additional calories which he really doesn’t need but helps him so much to find that extra oomph without any fizzy behaviour..

  9. Anne Morris

    We have a young horse who is still growing, he shows lots of potential and is heading up the classes but runs out of steam by the last few jumps
    Pro Stamina has really helped & he now has all his fox dc for next year now

  10. Maggie Ryce

    Pro-Stamina at last I’ve found a supplement that actually works for my mare I use it daily as it really makes a difference in training and show jumping

  11. Carolyn Andrews (verified owner)

    Great product, use this on Wee Man. Have had great results and it definitely gives him that bit of extra oomph and has been very consistent in his placings this year so far while on this and he feels great.

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